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Bowl 2 Step I – 38.8×8.1cm

Bowl 2 Step I – 38.8×8.1cm


This mould is the first step for our 3-step deep slumping concept with mould models 958.411 and 958.412 , final shape Diam. 26cm, depth 18cm.

Also suitable as: Focal piece for a coffee table or side board.

Design idea: If you use the mold for a simple bowl you might like to glue some rubber pads to the base to stop the bowl from wobbling.

Special firing information: No matter how you place the glass on the mould, you will always end up with a perfectly spherical glass shape.

Creative Ceramics code: 958.410
Bullseye code: 8450
TGK code: 3522729
Inner Dimensions: Diameter: 35.2 cm, Height: 7.1 cm
Outer Dimensions: Diameter: 38.8 cm, Height: 8.1 cm