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Casablanca – Salad Plate – 30.3×30.3x3cm – Base: 14.8cm

Casablanca – Salad Plate – 30.3×30.3x3cm – Base: 14.8cm


‘Casablanca’ is an elegant series of dinnerware including 9 different shapes and sizes for an exquisitely decorated dining area. Ideal for creating plates for Salads and starters.

The reduced design quality makes this mould also ideal for artwork. You could try and fuse identical pieces from two contrasting colours. The shallow angle of this mould will the two colour lines along the edge.


Creative Ceramics code: 958.361
Bullseye code: 8461
TGK code: 3522692
Inner Dimensions: Length: 29.5 cm, Width: 29.5 cm, Height: 2.4 cm
Outer Dimensions: Length: 30.3 cm, Width: 30.3 cm, Height: 3 cm
Base Dimensions: Diameter: 14.8 cm,