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Cat – diam: 16.6cm – height: 6.4cm

Cat – diam: 16.6cm – height: 6.4cm


A nice sized paperweight to use as a gift or a decorative piece for your show case.

Try the Bullseye billets to achieve maximum clarity. But you can pack this mold in a classical p√Ęte de verre technique with glass paste mixed from fine frit, powder and a fixative binder.
We have had excellent results when using Boron Nitride as a separator.

Creative Ceramics code: 958.442
Bullseye code: 0
TGK code: 0
Inner Dimensions: Diameter: 12 cm, Height: 4.5 cm
Outer Dimensions: Diameter: 16.6 cm, Height: 6.4 cm