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Edelweiss – 31.3×31.4×4.7cm – Opening: 25.1×24.6cm

Edelweiss – 31.3×31.4×4.7cm – Opening: 25.1×24.6cm


The design properties of this mould allow a multitude of options to create an elegant and decorative object or sculpture.

The mould inside has fine but smooth details for easy colour placement (in casting) or to enhance the specific character of the subject. There are no under-cuttings to make sure the glass will easily separate from the mould after firing.

The options this mould offers are unlimited. You can use powders, frit, glass pieces or billets to create a different look and translucency. The mould texture can be accentuated by specific colour placement. You can vary the glass quantity to alter the size and thickness of the final piece. For a full mould you need approx. 2.5kg of glass.

Creative Ceramics code: 958.371
Bullseye code: 8971
TGK code: 3522702
Inner Dimensions: Length: 30.5 cm, Width: 30.5 cm, Height: 3.7 cm
Outer Dimensions: Length: 31.3 cm, Width: 31.3 cm, Height: 4.7 cm
Opening Dimensions: Length: 25.1 cm, Width: 24.6 cm,