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Lamp Bender – 44.5×39.8x14cm

Lamp Bender – 44.5×39.8x14cm


A semi cylindrical mould is an ideal shape for a wall or ceiling lamp. By lining up several of these moulds lengthwise, you create a mould suited for a large semi cylindrical wall or lighting piece or other art work.

By gluing two identically bent glass pieces together and add a base, you can create deep vessels, vases or freely constructed art work.

Creative Ceramics code: 958.127
Bullseye code: 8727
TGK code: 3522627
Inner Dimensions: Length: 52.5 cm, Width: 4.4 cm,
Outer Dimensions: Length: 44.5 cm, Width: 39.8 cm, Height: 14 cm