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Lamp Bender Sconce – 23.3×40.3×9.7cm

Lamp Bender Sconce – 23.3×40.3×9.7cm


The sconce wall lamp in only one of many uses for this template mould. The gentle and even curvature offers itself for bending stringers, narrow glass strips for further use other fused pieces.

By lining up two or several of these moulds lengthwise or sideways, you create a mould suited for a large wall or lighting piece or other free formed art work. By gluing two identically bent glass pieces together and add a base, you can create deep vessels, vases or freely constructed art work.

Creative Ceramics code: 958.141
Bullseye code: 8741
TGK code: 3522606
Inner Dimensions: Length: 41 cm, Width: 23.7 cm, Height: 8.7 cm
Outer Dimensions: Length: 23.3 cm, Width: 40.3 cm, Height: 9.7 cm