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Quality Moulds made to last

Lamp Tunnel – 35.6×22.2×12.6cm

Lamp Tunnel – 35.6×22.2×12.6cm


An almost perfect semi cylinder for a wall lamp. Turn the glass upside down and you have a bowl to serve or present fruit or vegetable, or magazines. For a long semicylindrical wall or floor lamp, join 3 or 4 Lamp Tunnel lengthwise to obtain a big slumping mould without too much work.


Creative Ceramics code: 958.398
Bullseye code: 8538
TGK code: 3522718
Inner Dimensions: Length: 36 cm, Width: 34 cm, Height: 12.5 cm
Outer Dimensions: Length: 35.6 cm, Width: 22.2 cm, Height: 12.6 cm