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Oval Dish – 28×11.3x3cm – Opening: 9x3cm

Oval Dish – 28×11.3x3cm – Opening: 9x3cm


This mould was designed to make an elegant dish for starters, snacks etc. Be creative and see what else you can come up with.

The steep angle of the mould may result in an uneven slumping. Reposition the slumped piece and fire a second time.

Creative Ceramics code: 958.319
Bullseye code: 8919
TGK code: 3522638
Inner Dimensions: Length: 27 cm, Width: 11 cm, Height: 2.6 cm
Outer Dimensions: Length: 28 cm, Width: 11.3 cm, Height: 3 cm
Base Dimensions: Length: 9 cm, Width: 3 cm,

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