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Party Bowl Square – 42.8×42.8×9.8cm – Base: 15x15cm

Party Bowl Square – 42.8×42.8×9.8cm – Base: 15x15cm


Focal piece for a corporate environment, reception room or any larger space or it could be used as fruit bowl etc.

Try to fuse identical squares from two contrasting colours, total thickness 6 mm minimum. The steep angle of this mould will reveal the bottom colour on the side. The sides will tend to pull in and give a more natural feeling to this large and solid shape.

Creative Ceramics code: 958.336
Bullseye code: 8936
TGK code: 3522667
Inner Dimensions: Length: 41.5 cm, Width: 41.7 cm, Height: 8.7 cm
Outer Dimensions: Length: 42.8 cm, Width: 42.8 cm, Height: 9.8 cm
Base Dimensions: Length: 15 cm, Width: 15 cm,