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Pattern Bar 1 – 25.2×21.3×4.5cm

Pattern Bar 1 – 25.2×21.3×4.5cm


Casting Mould for deeper pattern bars made from sheet glass, stringers, frit etc. To cut the pattern bar into murrine slices a diamond saw is required.

Beautiful artwork can be made by arranging the murrine slices to repetitive patterns or by using one murrine slice a focal component in a piece or for jewellery.

To stop the glass from running off the mould during the firing, block the ends of the mould with ceramic fibre paper or similar.

Creative Ceramics code: 958.304
Bullseye code: 8904
TGK code: 3522594
Inner Dimensions: Length: 25 cm, Width: 21 cm, Height: 3 cm
Outer Dimensions: Length: 25.2 cm, Width: 21.3 cm, Height: 4.5 cm