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Pattern Bar 3 – 26x26x2.4cm – Opening:  25.3×1.2cm

Pattern Bar 3 – 26x26x2.4cm – Opening: 25.3×1.2cm


Casting Mould for slim pattern bars made from narrow glass strips, stringers, frit etc. To cut the pattern bar into murrine pieces, use mosaic pliers, cut nippers or if necessary a diamond saw.

The murrine slices from slim pattern bars make beautiful borders on plates, jewellery and any other artwork.

Creative Ceramics code: 958.306
Bullseye code: 8906
TGK code: 3522596
Inner Dimensions: Length: 25.4 cm, Width: 25.3 cm, Height: 0.8 cm
Outer Dimensions: Length: 26 cm, Width: 26 cm, Height: 2.4 cm
Opening Dimensions: Length: 25.3 cm, Width: 1.2 cm,