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Salad Bowl – 37.5×11.5cm – Base: 11cm

Salad Bowl – 37.5×11.5cm – Base: 11cm


Deep mould to make a voluminous bowl for serving food, presenting fruit or for artwork.

Good shape for a table lamp or chandelier.

To get the full benefit of the mould and its depth, cut the glass to the outer circumference of the mould.
Instead you can also try a square or oval glass shape.

The steep angle of the mould may result in an uneven slumping. Reposition the slumped piece and fire a second time or reposition during slumpng.

Creative Ceramics code: 958.331
Bullseye code: 8931
TGK code: 3522664
Inner Dimensions: Diameter: 36.5 cm, Height: 11 cm
Outer Dimensions: Diameter: 37.5 cm, Height: 11.5 cm
Base Dimensions: Diameter: 11 cm,