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Quality Moulds made to last

Square Slumper B – 13.3×13.6×3.3cm

Square Slumper B – 13.3×13.6×3.3cm


This classical shape has been designed for numerous applications from lifestyle accessories, candle dish, dinner ware, gift objects and many more.

The mould has a clearly defined base to make sure the glass object will not tilt.

Creative Ceramics code: 958.297
Bullseye code: 8997
TGK code: 3522633
Inner Dimensions: Length: 12.6 cm, Width: 12.6 cm, Height: 2.8 cm
Outer Dimensions: Length: 13.3 cm, Width: 13.6 cm, Height: 3.3 cm
Base Dimensions: Diameter: 6.8 cm,