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Texture – Fish – 32x32x2.8cm

Texture – Fish – 32x32x2.8cm


The purpose of this mould is to create a clean and sharp texture in your glass. Ideal for serial work of tiles etc. If you like the fish texture to appear on a slumped bowl, use this texture mould for your first firing cycle, at or close to a fusing temperature. Then slump the glass in a subsequent firing on a shallow slumper, e.g. 958.372.

By cutting the glass smaller than the mould size, you can select specific areas of the mould for a series of slightly varying results. Instead of cutting the glass square try a circular piece instead. Pre-fuse a layer of a light transparent glass onto clear to obtain a colour shading as a result of the varying thickness produced by the texture.

Creative Ceramics code: 958.377
Bullseye code: 8377
TGK code: 3522708
Inner Dimensions: Length: 31.5 cm, Width: 31.5 cm, Height: 0.4 cm
Outer Dimensions: Length: 32 cm, Width: 32 cm, Height: 2.8 cm