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Wash Basin – 37×12.5cm

Wash Basin – 37×12.5cm


Deep mould to make a small sink for a guest bathroom. The final diameter of the basin is approx. 30 cm with a depth of 11 cm. Typically the basin is combined with a glass or marble table. The hole for the pipe is best drilled after the slumping process.

This elegant mould can also be used for art work. By polishing the base slightly, the bowl will stand up straight and still appear to be floating. Good shape for a table lamp or chandelier.

To get the full benefit of the mould and its depth, cut the glass to the outer circumference of the mould. Instead you can also try a square or oval glass shape.

The steep angle of the mould may result in an uneven slumping. Reposition the slumped piece and fire a second time.

Creative Ceramics code: 958.330
Bullseye code: 8930
TGK code: 3522663
Inner Dimensions: Diameter: 35.5 cm, Height: 12 cm
Outer Dimensions: Diameter: 37 cm, Height: 12.5 cm